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Rottweilers in the Police Force

Pretohawk Onyx Dark Shadow (T.J.)

DOB: 11/03/2003
Sire: Ch.Reizend Too Hot Ta Trot at Tattanhoe J.W
Dam: Twinpride Diamond Bay at Pretohawk

"The first working Rottweiler in Avon & Somerset Constabulary" pictured here with his handler Mandy Gornicki.

TJ has become the first Rottweiler to be used in the Avon & Somerset Constabulary. At 8 weeks of age he was taken on by a couple in Bristol who I kept in contact with. They adored him and gave him a loving home. After a couple of years the couple had to give him up due to personal reasons and they contacted me for re-homing. Within a short space of time the Avon & Somerset Police Constabulary showed an interest and took him on a 6 week probation period involving intensive training. I am proud to say that he passed with flying colours and is now stationed at Taunton police station with his handler, PC Mandy Gornicki. I am in constant touch with her and she has informed me that he has assisted and made numerous arrests. T.J's duties within the force vary from public order, to searching for people within buildings. They have done several interviews with the local press (see picture) and have also appeared on local television news broadcasts. I will be updating this page as I receive information about his progress and achievements.

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T.J will be due to retire when he reaches the age of eight. Mandy has now taken on another puppy, “Ty” (Pretohawk Carwyn), for training to take over from T.J when he eventually retires.
We are very much looking forward to seeing how Ty develops.