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Does My Bum Look Big in This? Topping Up My "Tan" Trixie & Dom Chillout
After a hard Days Play The Dog and Bone Yum, Yum! You Lost It, You Find It!!!
Count to Ten I'll Hide I'm The King of the Castle Confused? Me Too! Give me a Kiss Trixie
Memphis with Simba & Trixie "So Anyway,........." The Usual Suspects The Flowers Were ALready Squashed, I Swear!
Trixie as a Puppy Do You Give Up Yet Go On, Just a Little Taste, 'Please' Wasn't Me!
Pups at Play I'm so Tired I Could.. zzzzz.... That Bone Has to Be Here Somewhere... Father vs. Daughter
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Love Me!!! TJ This is My Best Side!!!  Memphis (Colin A Penney)
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Memphis with Trophies Memphis (Colin A Penney) Simba and Owen Asleep

Nick & Trixie Tyra as a Puppy Tyra in Flower Pot Simba as a Puppy