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Crufts 2006

This was only our second year at Crufts and after such a successful time at Crufts 2005 we kept our feet firmly on the ground and didn't expect too much!

This year Memphis was entered into Yearling Dog which had 17 entries with 2 absentees. The dogs were being judged by Mrs A.Garside-Neville and after all dogs had been seen Memphis was awarded the reserve (4th) placing.

Trixie had also moved up several classes and was now entered in Limit Bitch. There were 21 entries with 5 absentees and was being judged by Mrs N Keenan. After a long wait while the judge went over all the bitches Trixie was awarded the VHC (5th) placing.

A second year showing at Crufts and both Trixie & Memphis came home with a placing each. We couldn't have been happier! Many thanks to both judges for their placing of our dogs.

Sadly Mrs A Garside-Neville passed away not long after Crufts and we would like to take this opportunity to offer our condolences to her family.


Crufts 2005

Although we have visited Crufts before this was our first visit as exhibitors.
We decided to stay the night before the show so we would have more time to prepare the dogs and also stay the night after the show so we wouldn’t get caught in the traffic.
This proved to be an excellent idea if a little expensive!!!

Memphis was entered into Special Puppy Dog class which had 13 entries with 1 absentee.
After a nail biting wait he was finally placed in 5th place and was awarded a VHC by the judge, Mrs J Summers.


Trixie was entered into Yearling Bitch class. There were 21 entries with 2 absentees and was judged by Mr T Simmons.

Once again we had a long wait while he went over every dog and finally came to his decision. Much to our surprise and joy Trixie had been placed in 3rd position!!!
Our first time at Crufts and we had both our dogs placed! We were so pleased and felt very lucky to have had the chance to compete in such a prestigious competition. Many thanks to everyone who have helped to get us there!!!! Only problem is we have to try and do it all again next year!!!!!